David Allen
Chairman, David Allen Co.

David Allen is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert on personal and organizational productivity. His thirty-year pioneering research and coaching to corporate managers and CEOs of some of America’s most prestigious corporations and institutions has earned him Forbes’ recognition as one of the top five executive coaches in the U.S. and Business 2.0 magazine’s inclusion in their 2006 list of the “50 Who Matter Now.” Time Magazine called his flagship book, Getting Things Done, “the definitive business self-help book of the decade.” Fast Company Magazine called David “one of the world’s most influential thinkers” in the arena of personal productivity, for his outstanding programs and writing on time and stress management, the power of aligned focus and vision, and his groundbreaking methodologies in management and executive peak performance.

David is the international best-selling author of Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity; Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life; and Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life.

Silvija Seres
Managing Director, TechnoRocks

Dr. Silvija Seres is an academic techie with a past in corporate leadership, a present in entrepreneurial investment, and a future in large-scale digital transformation processes in public and private sector. She currently works an independent advisor, investor and board member.

Silvija now serves as a Board Director of Nordea Bank AB, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), Synchrony International AB, Academedia AB and Enoro Holding AS. She also serves as a Member of the Corporate Assembly and Election Committee at Telenor ASA.

Previous board directorships include Statkraft, Norwegian Lottery, Aschehoug, Opera Software, Dagbladet Medialab, Making Waves, Data Respons, ProfDoc, NetConnect, GeoKnowledge, Integrasco, Norman, Camo, Kezzler, Buypass, Eidsiva Vekst, Electronic Chart Centre, The North Alliance, The Performance Group and Norwegian Technology Council.

In terms of operational roles, Silvija has previously worked as the Director of Business Management at Microsoft, and as Vice President of Product Marketing at Fast Search & Transfer ASA. She now works as a managing director in a private investment company TechnoRocks, focusing on active ownership in technology, media and telecommunications companies.

Silvija holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from Oxford University, MSc in Information Technology from University of Oslo and an M.B.A. from INSEAD. She has worked as a Professor in Saudi Arabia at Dar al Hema University and as a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and at DEC SRC in Silicon Valley.

Silvija is married, and has four children. She resides in Oslo, Norway.

Fred Thiel
CEO, Thiel Advisors

Fred Thiel is a senior advisor to management teams, boards of directors, private equity and venture capital firms, and sits on private and public company boards. He is a respected expert on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the digital transformations of companies and industries, providing deep technology industry expertise and strategic advice on transformational value creation – the process of generating growth and shareholder value.

Fred has over 25 years operating experience leading companies in the technology, data communications, Internet, M2M, automation, Big Data, digital media and software industries. He has repeatedly driven rapid growth and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value.

As a CEO, Fred led companies through rapid growth to IPO, repositioned companies for high value exits to strategic and financial acquirers, led M&A and roll-up strategies, as well as successfully executed corporate turn-arounds and wind downs.

Fred is a frequent speaker and futurist in the areas of IoT, smart systems, collaborative and autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, inference engines, predictive analytics and Big Data. He attended classes at the Stockholm School of Economics and executive classes at Harvard Business School. As a result of his international education and business experience, Fred is fluent in English, Spanish, Swedish and French. He is a current member of WPO and former chapter chairman of the YPO California Coast chapter.

James Sutton
President, Lean Systems Society

James is one the original pioneers of Lean in the U.S. He began exploring Lean in the mid-1980s through GOAL/QPC while GOAL was still translating the original Japanese Lean writings. In the next two decades, James applied Lean techniques to product development on large systems ranging from millions to a billion dollars in scope. Productivity was routinely quadrupled, release-to-market cycles shrank to once per week, and delivered quality improved by an order of magnitude.

With Dr. Peter Middleton at Queen’s University Belfast, James co-authored the book “Lean Software Strategies” (2005), which captured these experiences and explained the theory behind them. In 2007, their efforts were awarded with the Shingo Prize, which Business Week has called “the Nobel Prize of Manufacturing.” In 2009, James co-founded the Lean Software and Systems Consortium (LSSC), a global non-profit organization working to help enterprises that depend on software apply Lean Thinking. In 2011 he was voted President of LSSC.

In 2010 James founded the The Jubata Group, from which he advises organizations in the system development, health, and public service industries on how to improve their performance through better alignment on their values, improved operational execution, and (where applicable) better development processes and product architectures. Most recently, he was recognized with the prestigious Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) certification by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), one of only fifty awarded worldwide.

Edwin A. Locke, Ph.D.
Dean’s Professor (Emeritus) of Leadership and Motivation, University of Maryland

Edwin A. Locke

Edwin Locke is Dean’s Professor (Emeritus) of Leadership and Motivation at the R.H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park. He received his BA from Harvard in 1960 and his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from Cornell University in 1964. Dr. Locke has published over 260 chapters, notes and articles in professional journals, on such subjects as work motivation, job satisfaction, incentives, and the philosophy of science.

He is also the author or editor of more than ten books, including Study Methods and Study Motivation (Second Renaissance Books, 1998), Goal Setting: A Motivational Technique That Works (Prentice Hall, 1984, with G. Latham) and A Theory of Goal Setting and Task Performance (Prentice Hall, 1990, with G. Latham), Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior (Blackwell, 2000), The Prime Movers: Traits of the Great Wealth Creators (AMACOM, 2000) and Postmodernism and Management: Pros, Cons and the Alternative (JAI: Elsevier, 2003).

Dr. Locke is internationally known for his research on goal setting. A recent survey found that his goal setting theory (developed with G. Latham) was ranked #1 in importance among 73 management theories.

Dr. Locke has been elected a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Academy of Management, and has been a consulting editor for leading journals. He was a winner of the Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award at the University of Maryland, the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Career Contribution Award from the Academy of Management (Human Resource Division), the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Management (Organizational Behavior Division), and the James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award from the American Psychological Society. He is a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute and is interested in the application of the philosophy of Objectivism to behavioral sciences.

Kenneth Winther
CEO and Founder,  Moonwalk

Kenneth Winther is the the creator of the award-winning Moonwalk Innovation System. He has contributed to disruption in several industries, including Media, Banking, Retail, Internet, Management Consulting and Content Services. He has also trained 1,400 executives in innovation and launched several Norwegian government programs for innovation and commercialization.

Kenneth’s tools and ideas have been used by industry leaders such as British Telecom, Red Cross, Telenor, Linde-Gas, Alimentation, Couche-Tard, DNB, and Statoil. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Google Most Innovative Person award. Kenneth also acts as trusted advisor to Innovation Norway, NTNU and is a Top Management Council member. Today he is reinventing how the world innovates by creating crowdfunded, crowdsourced, shared-ownership innovation programs.

Keith Weiner
CEO,  Monetary Metals

Keith Weiner is President of the Gold Standard Institute USA in Phoenix, Arizona, and the founder of precious metals fund manager Monetary Metals. In 1994 Keith founded DiamondWare, a technology company that he sold to Nortel Networks in 2008. He speaks and writes about free markets, money, credit, and gold. Keith’s work is published in Forbes, the American Spectator, Zero Hedge, and many other sites in the US and abroad, in English and seven other languages.  He is in demand as a speaker and interviewee on the topics of gold, the dollar, interest, and economics.

Keith attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and earned his doctorate in economics from non-accredited New Austrian School of Economics. His thesis showed how government interference in the economy always reduces coordination and in particular focused on monetary discoordination due to central banking and irredeemable currency.