Welcome to the end of business as you know it.

Enterprises are being brutally disrupted by new technologies improving at an exponential pace. These technologies will fundamentally change how firms work. The traditional pyramid organization is too slow, too expensive and too inflexible. Leaders who fail to adapt will find themselves outmatched by competitors who do. They will also face aggressively funded startups that are not hampered by legacy technologies, assets and business models.

We refer to this new era as the Post-Lean Future, because the steady continuous improvement advocated by Traditional Lean is no longer sufficient. With employee tenures growing shorter, developing people is also becoming more difficult. When organizations evolve more slowly than the pace needed by its people to remain competitive in the labor market, they will lose their best people.

The good news is that radical – but practical – strategies can turn these threats into great new opportunities for innovation and value creation.


Sample keynote topics (30-60 minutes)

  • The end of the pyramid organization: what comes next?
  • Exploiting exponential technology: finding new growth opportunities
  • Post-Lean: What comes after Lean and why
  • Post-Lean Leadership: Developing your people amidst disruption


The Post-Lean Future: value creation for mature firms (2-3 hours)

For the last twelve thousand years, since the beginning of agriculture, we have steadily improved our technology and our mastery of the physical world. In the process we have also built increasingly complex top-down organizations. New technology is now rapidly disrupting these organizations’ structure and business models. In this orientation we will discuss how firms developed the structure they have today, how technology is reshaping the world of work, and what mature firms can do to meet the challenge.

Crafting your Post-Lean Future: strategies for leveraging exponential technologies (full day)

This is an extended version of the executive orientation above.  It includes pre-work and exercises aimed at develop a response to the exponential technology threats faced by the organization(s) of the participations.

Participants will learn how to:

  • speed learning in their firms to keep pace with the outside world
  • build developmental strategies for employees even after they leave
  • reshape their firm to become a platform for building new, disruptive businesses
  • transition from legacy assets, technologies and business models


Frode L. Odegard, CEO
Lean Systems Institute

​Frode founded the Lean Systems Institute (LSI) in 2004 to bring Lean and Systems Thinking to the emerging knowledge economy. Prior to founding LSI, Frode worked in software engineering research and theoretical computer science. He has founded five companies. Frode’s interests include philosophy, history, historical linguistics, mathematical logic, psychology, art, strength training and Aikido. He is a Fellow of the Lean Systems Society.


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